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Blue Bag...

Blue bag is an initiative to return to the sea what it gives to us. Purity, beauty, love...
If every sailor collected only one bag of debris per year, sea would say:

~ thank you. ~

Blue bag is not an obligation. It's a challenge.
BlueBag Fiumanka

Did you know that Fiumanka...

  • is the first public event that succeeded in emptying the Port of Rijeka for sporting event.
  • is the first one that has installed over a 100 permanent binding posts for boats in the Port of Rijeka.
  • is one of the very few regattas that does not charge participants and where every participant is rewarded, for which every year is secured 3000 free T-shirts
  • is the only regatta in Croatia tha had complet TV covering.
  • participated in Rijeka's promotion as candidate to be a city-host of Mediterrenean Games.
  • is not the only one, but has its own hymn
  • has started a TV show "A blow of wind into the sails".
  • has signed brotherhood and sports cooperation agreeement with organizers of Barcolana
  • has started its own line of clothing Fiumanka-Kerver in cooperation with the Top Line Company from Rijeka
  • had its own Best Model Contest for the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County.
  • had its International Pop Festival, which was broadcasted by TV stations abroad.
  • is the only one that organized an Electronic Music Party in the Port boardwalk.
  • has started donating a sailing boat Optimist at the Small Fiumanka ragattas.
  • donated Kindergarten Kostrena, Children's Hospital Kantrida and the Neglected Children's Home.
  • donated financial means for refurbishing the Emergency Ward in "Sušak".
  • donated a sailing boat for the regatta "By wind through silence".
  • assisted the RI-marathon Club in organizing the Half-marathon race.
  • assisted the RIVAL Club in starting the Triathlon competition.
  • every year is providing a number of gifts and awards to other sports clubs.
  • since 2010., organizes sailing on three routes and in three divisions.
  • finally, has officially initiated the Campaign "By Sport for the Sport".

Thanks to the sailors, they are Fiumanka!