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Sail of Partners for Fiumanka 2018


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Only few days left from the beginning of the 19th Fiumanka, witch will promote Rijeka, as the future European Capital of Culture. On ceremony of sining agreement sail in the Juraj Klović gallery, sponsors, patrons and media wish Fiumanka successful navigation.

For just a few days the 19th Fiumanka will start, and this year again Fiumanka will promote the city of Rijeka, the future European Capital of Culture 2020. On today's press conference in the Juraj Klović Gallery, sponsors, partners and media wished her a successful navigation.

The signature on the Sail of Support was first put up by the traditional sponsors of Fiumanka - the City of Rijeka, Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, the Rijeka Harbor Administration and the Rijeka Tourist Board. All of them have highlighted the importance of Fiumanka, which has not been relegated to the efforts of becoming more attractive and even more proud of Rijeka and Kvarner as a tourist and sport destination for the last decade, for which all this year they provide full support. The words of praise were not saved by its sponsors.

"Fiumanka is one of the most important nautical competitions in Croatia, which, apart from sailing, promotes the City of Rijeka and Croatian beauty in the most beautiful way possible, and the fact that it is held for 19 years speaks enough of its attractiveness. INA has been trying to be an active member of the community and to participate in important projects for the Rijeka area, so we have not missed this opportunity to contribute to the sporting and tourism promotion of this region", said Ivan Krešić, Member of INA.

This year, Erste Bank has also signed the Sail of Support as the silver sponsor of Fiumanka. "Although Croatia has already been recognized as a tourist destination, especially in the part of nautical tourism, Fiumanka is a regatta which brings nautical tourism to a higher level. Apart from promoting the love for sailing, it is strongly promoting the sea, the gastronomic and other tourist offer of Rijeka and Croatia. This is a quality rounded project, which is why we are today signing Sail of Support, and we believe Fiumanka will be as successful as it has been for years to come", said at the signing ceremony Tatjana Sundać, director of the Regional Directorate of Erste & Steiermärkische Bank dd.

ACI d.d. is a long-term partner of the media regatta and the continuation of this cooperation with its signature on the Sail od Support was confirmed by Branimir Mađer, director of the ACI d.d. "As a partner and sponsor of the European Media Regatta, we are extremely pleased to sign the Sail of Support of Fiumanka. ACI, as the main sponsor of the European Media Regatta, has traditionally released its JOD 35 sailing yacht so that media sailing teams are keen on competing skills on 10 identical sailboats sailing with the world's most famous sailors and Americas Cup sailors."

ACI's operating on "the sea without borders" strives to contribute to the community through support for such events aimed at popularizing sailing and preserving maritime heritage. That is why we hope that our contribution will bring an extra positive wind to the city of Rijeka and to the organizers of Fiumanka and that we will together and successfully "flock" this year's 19th Fiumanka, and together, in the best way, promote Rijeka, Fiumanka, sailing and finally Croatia as a sport nautical destination", said Branimir Mađer.

The support to Fiumanka was provided by numerous other companies, longtime sponsors of Fiumanka: Jadrolinija, Croatia osiguranje, Rijeka Tower Center, Becks, One Sails, Kerver, PIK, JPS, Disinfection, Taxi Cab, Molo Longo, Terminal 7.

Thanks to the media regatta, Fiumanka has made a major breakthrough in international recognition. The tradition of sailing the media houses in Fiumanka has been twelve years old, and on the occasion of Croatia's entry into the European Union in 2013, this is even on the global scale a unique regatta and it became the European Sailing Race (EMSR) in the organization by the Agency 2nd place, City of Rijeka and Croatian Radio and Television.

Television broadcasters from Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina will also particiapte on the 6th European Media Regatta, apart from HRT national channels, Kanal Ri, La voce, Nova TV, Novi list and Radio Rijeka. All of them with media engagement will enable Croatia, Kvarner and Rijeka to have a unique media promotion. Along with the media involved in it, Fiumanka is promoted by numerous media sponsors and sponsors: Adriatic Sailor, Nautical Boats, Europlakat, Fiuman, Kigo, Moja Rijeka, Nautica portal, Pod Učkun, Pomorski radio Bakar, Riječanin, Rijeka danas, Ri prsten, SportCom, Teklić and Torpedo media and numerous other media that help Fiumanka to be heard and read about far beyond the city on Rječina!

Activities start on Thursday, June 7, with the opening of Fiumanka Regatta Office, which is located on the first floor of the Terminal building this year, and the LP Rock concert is held the same night at Botel Marina. Sales activities at 9 am and solemn opening at 10.30 am, on Friday, June 8th, at the Riva Boduli and the square in front of the Terminal, begins a two-day manifestation "Kupujmo hrvatsko", organized by the Croatian Chamber of Economy. The accompanying action program on the stage in front of the Terminal begins with the award of special prizes and prizes to students of elementary and secondary schools and faculties for works on the promotion of Croatian products and contribution to the promotion of quality Croatian products and continues with numerous performances of children choirs and music ensembles from schools and kindergartens from the entire region.

The exhibitors will also be present at the Terminal with a bit different offer, from nautical footwear, attractive water bikes to various services, and anyone who wants to learn to sail will be pleased to know that during the Fiumanka everyone will be able to apply for weekend sailing courses with special benefits throughout the year that will be held in Rijeka.

In the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, at 11 am, as a part of Rijeka EPK 2020, will be organized "Business2Culture" conference on financing of private sector culture, and a conference on nautical tourism organized by the Novi list begins at 12 am in the Governor's Palace.

The Gat of Karolina Riječka is reserved for good entertainment that will be provided by original Rijeka musicians - on Friday, June 8th, LET 3 and Krešo i kisele kiše, and on Saturday, June 9th, the audience will entertain Koktelsi and PleteRi. The winner ceremony will take place on the stage at the Terminal, and will end with fireworks.

On Friday afternoon you can see journalists sailing and Rotary regattas, and on Saturday at exactly noon the start 19th Fiumanka that can be watched from a beautiful stage - Rijeka's lukobran!