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The winner of 19th Fiumanka is Maxi Jena by ACI; a new record is set!



The 19h Fiumanka is finished - we have a new winner and a new record.

The first boat which finished the race in the racing is Maxi Jena by ACI. The time was 13:36:17 and they set a new Fiumanka record. The old record was about two minutes slower. So Maxi Jena by ACI became the winner of the 19th Fiumanka, in their third participation at Fiumanka, which brought them the award for the fastest boat. The persistence and skill of the Slovenian crew in the 15 nautical miles long route for Maxi Jeni by ACI paid off - we congratulate the skipper of the boat Gasper Vincec and the whole crew!

In the family group that sailed to Kostrena, the sailboat Eline with Petar Predović as a skipper was first, their time was 13:25:00. As for the 6th European Media Sailing Race, the overall winner is La Voce del Popolo. The second place was taken by Kanal Ri, and third place by the Hungarian TV channel MTVA. This is the overall result after three sailing rounds, yesterday's two and today's third. Congratulation to all the participants of 19th Fiumanka!