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Your personal information will be used in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act with the application of appropriate technical and security measures to protect personal data from unauthorized access and misuse. The regatta organizers protect the privacy of the regatta participants and website visitors, maintain the confidentiality of personal data and allow access to and disclosure of personal data only when they are needed to optimize the database, and to third parties only in cases explicitly prescribed by law.

What are Personal Information?

Personal information is information that allows you to identify yourself directly (for example, your name) or indirectly (eg through pseudonyms such as a unique identification number). Personal information includes information such as email address, home address, mobile phone number, usernames, profile images, user generated content. They can also include numeric identifiers such as computer IP addresses, mobile phone MAC addresses, or cookies.

Which data do we collect and how do we collect and use them?

By signing and entering your personal information into the application form, we have requested you to use them for the purpose of creating the database of registered participants and processing results as well as for marketing purposes (sending notices, offers and promotional materials to the organizers of the regatta and the affiliation of affiliated entities, market analysis).

Who can access your personal information?

In addition to the members of the Regatta Bureau who receive and process applications for regattas and employees U.O. 2.place-LD that edits the website www.fiumanka.eu, your personal information may be accessed by third parties in order to comply with legal obligations, product and service improvements, and compliance with what you have consented to.

Your personal information may be processed by trusted third-party service providers that help us provide digital services such as social media monitoring, reviews and reviews, customer relationship management, network and search engine analysis, user-generated content management tools; Advertising, Marketing, Digital Advertising and Social Advertising Agencies to help us run advertising and marketing campaigns, analyze their performance, and manage contact with you and your questions, third-party delivery needs, such as mail and delivery services, to people which help us provide technical support such as platform providers or server hosting, support, and maintenance of databases, as well as software and applications that may contain your information. We may disclose your personal information to third parties if we have to disclose or share them to comply with our legal obligation, if we have your consent to this and if this is permitted by law.

The place where we store your personal information

Collected data is stored on the Fiumanka server.

How long do we store your personal information?

We store your personal information only when we need them for the purposes for which we store them, to meet your needs or legal obligations.

When cookies are stored on your computer, we store them while serving the purpose (e.g., the duration of a cookie cookie or cookie ID) or for a period of time specified in local regulations and guidelines;

Links to third-party sites

Our sites may contain links to other sites. If you visit any other site via the link, keep in mind that these sites have their privacy policies and that we are not responsible for or responsible for them.

Social Networks and User Generated Content

On our Facebook page, we allow users to publish their own content. We are not responsible for the actions of other individuals when disclosing personal information on our social network platforms and we strongly recommend that you do not share such information.

Termination of consent and right to delete data

You are always entitled to request the deletion or removal of personal data. We will request an identity verification to process your request. You may withdraw your consent at any time so that you will be considered as not yet agreeing to using and processing your personal information for the purposes mentioned above. The statement is withdrawn by sending a short notice to e-mail; info@fiumanka.eu